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Covid-19’s Lasting Effects on the Healthcare Industry

By Excelin Health on July 30, 2021

Covid-19 changed almost every aspect of daily life, from wearing masks everywhere, self isolating, to social distancing in public spaces. The major impact to healthcare created significant changes to the industry as a whole. While some of these changes were undesirable, Covid-19 led to many positive changes likely to remain in play.


Telemedicine is Here to Stay

Covid-19 did not create the use of Telemedicine; however  the pandemic made telemedicine an essential part of the medical industry’s options portfolio. As people stayed home to self-isolate,  telemedicine provided an avenue for doctors to see and treat their patients without the risk of spreading Covid-19. Telemedicine is an example of a positive change that will likely remain a routine option in healthcare.


Increased Focus on Mental Health

Covid-19 delivered a year of stress, isolation, and loss, resulting in a stronger focus on mental health. Many are coming out of the pandemic with a greater appreciation for the importance of mental health. With this increased mental health awareness, more affordable and easily accessible options are likely on the horizon.


A Call for Disaster Preparation in the Health Industry

As Covid-19 rapidly spread through the United States, it illuminated how unprepared the healthcare industry was for a pandemic. Hospitals became overwhelmed quickly due to lack of space and health personnel to accommodate such an influx of patients. The health care infrastructure was not prepared for the daunting task of testing thousands for Covid-19 every day. The United States was not prepared for the contact tracing required to minimize the spread of Covid-19. The destruction caused has provided an opportunity to learn and better prepare for any future disasters or pandemics we may face.

As a result, there are currently several proposals and ideas on the table to increase preparedness for a situation like Covid-19. One proposal in particular focuses on creating a reserve corps in every part of the United States to be on standby for a medical emergency, such as a pandemic. This reserve corps would consist of advanced medical students and retired doctors to provide extra health personnel during an infectious disease disaster.


A Growing Desire for Home Health Care

Home health care offers the benefit of long-term care in the comfort of your own home. While Covid-19 flipped the health industry upside down, the positive outcomes of in-home healthcare have been showcased during the pandemic. A study by the Pennsylvania School of Nursing found that people who survive Covid-19 see significant improvements in health when treated in a home health care setting. In addition, home health care has seen a significant growth during Covid-19 as the need for in-home services rises, and more doctors than ever are prescribing patients to a home health care setting. With all of this in mind, it is easy to see why home health care is on the rise and here to stay.  Click here to learn more about what we do or call us now at 888-565-6178.

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