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Minimizing Fall Risks with Simple Balancing Exercises

Did you know that one in four seniors will experience a dangerous fall each year? Did you also know that each fall  encountered further increases your risk of dangerous future falls. Imagine you are in the kitchen cooking dinner when all of a sudden you experience a fall. This isn’t a bad fall and you get up easily, but you realize how dangerous your next fall could be. Now imagine you taking steps to minimize your fall risks with some basic exercises. 

There are countless ways to reduce falls, but balancing exercises are an easy and convenient fall reduction activity that can be performed anywhere at any time. Most falls occur because of balance issues, so this is a great way to reduce fall risks for seniors.

Exercises to Try for Increased Balance

As with all other changes to your routine, it is important to speak to your doctor before starting an exercising routine. Your doctor can give you guidance on how to exercise safely and can further help your exercising plan. Once you speak with your doctor, try slowly incorporating these simple exercises into your daily routine:

  • Sit to Stand: Start by sitting in a chair with armrests. Then, slowly use the arm rests to carefully help you move to a standing position. Keep your feet planted on the floor. Once you're standing, slowly descend back into a seated position in the chair, ensuring that your knees are slowly and safely bending along the way. 

Repeat this exercise 10 times. You can safely do this exercise up to five times a day five times a week. This exercise does a great job of strengthening your back, legs, and arms. 

  • Standing Heel Raises: Start by finding a sturdy chair or counter. Stand in front of the chair or counter with your hands resting on it. As you use the furniture to balance yourself, slowly raise your heels off of the ground and hold that position for a few seconds. Next, lower your heels back to the floor. 

Repeat this exercise 10-12 times up to four times a day. Try to do this exercise seven days a week if possible. Heel raises are perfect for strengthening ankles and calves, which are an important part of balancing the body.

  • Core Movement: Start by finding a stable surface to sit on. This can be a bed, a stability ball or a similar stable surface. Sit down on your sturdy surface and begin carefully shifting your body weight from side to side and back to front. 

Complete this exercise up to 10 times a day. You can complete this multiple times a day five days a week depending on your comfort level. Core movement exercises help strengthen your ab muscles, a very important muscle for balancing the body. 

These simple and easy to do exercises can be the difference between keeping balanced and experiencing a dangerous fall. While these are just a few exercises, there are many other options to consider. Speak with your doctor for a personalized exercise plan that fits your needs. 

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