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Recovering From Surgery In A Home Health Care Setting

By Excelin Health on August 26, 2021

When preparing for surgery, there are many things to consider about recovery. 

  • How will you get home after surgery?
  • Will you need care?
  • Who will care for you? 

While each recovery process is different, home health care allows the patient to receive customized medical care in the comfort of their own home, decreasing the need for in-office doctors visits and eliminating the stress of finding care after surgery.


Moving Home After Surgery

Home health agencies typically offer transitional services to help patients safely go home after surgery. Your physician can partner with your home health team to ensure you receive the appropriate care for your recovery needs, while also taking into account any other medical conditions you may have. This partnership provides the patient with the best care possible and facilitates a smooth recovery. 


Recovery at Home

The surgery recovery process looks different for everyone. It is imperative proper care is given for any procedure received. Home health care provides a personalized treatment plan from the comfort of your home, allowing unnecessary office visits to be skipped and giving patients the peace of mind that they will receive the best care possible. 

With home health care, a licensed care professional will visit you in your based on the plan of care and protocols from your physician. This type of customized care allows patients to focus on recovery. 


Reduced Hospital Readmissions

Rehospitalizations can be a high risk after a surgery. Here are a few of the common reasons for readmissions.  

  • Falls at home
  • Misunderstanding medication instructions
  • Inability to spot an infection
  • Infrequent contact with the physician

Home health care can reduce the risk of hospital readmissions by

  • Recommendations to reduce falls in the home 
  • Ensuring frequent communication with the physician 
  • Patient and caregiver education on medications and other high risk factors 


With the use of proper practices and treatments, a home health care team can help keep surgery patients out of the hospital while recovering and can ensure that the patient is receiving the best care for their needs. 

To find out more about our  at-home recovery services, contact us today 888-565-6178.

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