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The Right Care at the Right Time

At Onmycare Home Health and Hospice Services, we offer 3 types of care for you or your loved one. Let us first help you identify your need

About us

Your speedy recovery starts with us

Smiling Angels

We believe providing care with a smile should be the default. Every Onmycare staff member up-holds this rule above all.

World Class Staff

Along with a smile, each staff member holds certifications to provide you amazing care. In-fact many hold multiple certifications.

Complete Care

From the moment you get started with home health to discharge, we take care of every health care need.


Patient Connect

We are now offering a new program that enables you, your loved ones, and caregivers to stay connected with your care team in between skilled nurse visits. Experience the convenience of receiving quality care right from the comfort of your own home through virtual connectivity.

What Does Grace Patient Connect Do?

Lets You Check-in to Share How You Are Feeling Sends You Personalized
Reminders About Your Care
Offers Secure Messaging Between You and Your Care Team or Providers
Provides Virtual Visits Using Video Platform to Supplement In-Person Visits

Why home health care

Many health care services can be provided in the comfort of your home, making home health care very convenient.

Patient Assessment

An experienced Registed Nurse (RN) comes to your home and examines your diagnosis, taking detailed notes about your condition.

Physician Directed

Our staff then works hand in hand with your physician to create a plan of care for quick and speedy recovery.

Detailed Health Care

Our staff of Registered Nurses, Physical Therapists and other healthcare professionals will then get to work and handle every aspect of your diagnosis.

Discharge on Recovery

A Registered Nurse does a final assessment and discharges you with a healthy recovery.

Our Locations

Suite 304
Fremont CA 94538
Telephone: (510) 858-2273
Email: info@onmycare.com

Our Services

Physician led care by the patient’s primary care physician and or our medical director
Medical supplies and equipment such as hospital bed, oxygen, incontinent supplies
Medications for pain management and symptom relief
Trained volunteers provide emotional support
Respite care to provide a break for caregivers and family
Counseling or grief support for the patient and their loved ones
Nurse visits to assess patient and modify the plan of care as needed


Gave Excelin Health 4½ Stars in their 2022 Report!


From Our Blog

Excelin has earned the SHPBestTM “Premier Performer” Patient Satisfaction Award 2 years in a row!

We have been recognized by Strategic Healthcare Programs (SHP) as a “Premier Performer” for achieving an overall patient satisfaction score that ranked in the top 5% of all eligible SHP clients for the 2021 and 2022 calendar year.

Reviews from our Patients

  • Thank you so much for your help with my folks! With Jesus and your assistance, they are doing much better. Each day healed, stronger and healthier in Jesus name. Again, I can’t say thank you enough! May the lord bless you all through this holiday season and beyond.
    A. Zepeda
  • Cataleen is wonderful! Doctor and I are shocked about how wound is healing! Thanks to Cat!!

    Thank you for your awesome service, it’s been an amazing experience! Estrella and Ana Lucia have been amazing – very happy with son’s progress and treatment with you!
    An Excelin Patient
  • Estrelle and Ana have been amazing, I am very happy with the way my son has progressed from the treatment received!
    An Excelin Patient
  • Western Slope Health Center wishes to thank the incredible people of Advanced Hospice. We are very proud to be in partnership in providing excellent services to those people needing intense love and care in the most heart breaking of times. Thank you Advanced Hospice. We love you all...
  • Sasha did very outstanding work on me. Very professional, make us feel like someone cares. Her style makes you do current exercises. Very very helpful with her knowledge.
  • Patti is a godsend! I suffer from PTSD and it tries to sneak up on you and just talking with Patti about everyday things brings me back and makes me feel better. You guys are the best company I have ever worked with!
  • If I was given a choice on a scale of 1-10, I would give your agency a 25!” WONDERFUL job, you all really made a difference!
  • I work in the health care industry and I work with many healthcare professionals. However, when healthcare hits home and personal you want the best care for your loved one. Noni is not only professional and courteous, she is also a person with a great heart for her job. I am blessed to have met you and was able to choose Advanced Home Health and Hospice. Your staff is dedicated to patient care, and is amazing, please a big thank you to everyone.
  • In November 2017 I had a cholecystectomy. As a result, Josh arrived and did a marvelous job of working with my body to restore it. He has been very supportive in working with me and has been enthusiastically helping me meet my goals.
  • Elisa’s treatment and professionalism was the best I’ve had since moving to California, I was presently surprised. We had a good connection, and she showed me exercises I didn’t even know were possible for her to perform.

The Right Care at the Right Time

Our specialists will assess your needs and condition.

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